04 18 17 | 4.11 pm
japanese denim | daniel caesar 
top fashion set | 04 19 17

guys i have done nothing productive all day. thIS IS WHY I FVCKING LOVE SPRING BREAK but for real i'm really bored 

does someone want to get me this hat for my birthday lol it's really cute

here's a fun tag from @kristen-gregory-sexy-sports-babe, who also inspired this set :-)

1) put all your songs on shuffle. what's first?
restart by sam smith - guys this song is lit af

2) what's the first song on your alphabetical list?
don't have one

3) go to the genres tab. which has the most songs? how many are there? 
idk i don't have this? it's not on spotify at least

4) which genre has the least songs? how many are there? 
don't have one

5) name a song no one would expect you to own
i don't think people would expect me to have so much r&b stuff like kehlani and bruno mars and stuff like that

6) weirdest song title
god the meteorologist? idk i don't have any really weird songs

7) how many playlists do you have? 
4 that i've made but i have 16 in all (i follow 12)

8) weirdest playlist title
all of mine are really normal tbh

9) go to the albums tab. what's the first album?
÷ by ed sheeran

10) any albums with just text? 
ACT ONE / marian hill
pure heroine / lorde
continiuum / john mayer

idk i don't feel like looking anymore

11) go to the artists tab. how many artists are in your library? 
at least 100

12) which artist do you have the most songs from? 
ed sheeran

13) go to the compilations tag. how many albums are there? 
i don't know??

14) if you are using itunes, go to the radio tab. how many stations do you have saved?  
i said before i follow 12 playlists

15) go back to the songs tab. how many songs do you have that start with w? 
12-15 somewhere around there

16) start at the top. what alliteration comes up first? 
switch sider by ella mai

17) put your songs on shuffle again. (we know you've been listening to songs as you go) what's the first song that comes up? 
how that taste by kehlani oh my god i love this song

18) got fruit in a song title? song lyrics? album cover? someone's name?
passionfruit / drake
banana pancakes / jack johnson 

idk about albums tho

19) when was the last time you deleted a song?
um in december when i first got spotify i had a crap ton of christmas albums and songs saved so i deleted some of those in january but i don't think i've deleted any since then

20) and finally, if the person you liked asked to see your song list, what would you quickly delete?
nothing - what would i have to hide lmao

comment something you think i should do this week! this is really open ended but i have zero ideas of what i want to do + i'm really bored. 

cya around

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Wrote yesterday
just realized you said i inspired this and aww it's so cute <3

Wrote two days ago
Super cute outfit!!
Great choice!!

Wrote three days ago

Wrote three days ago





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