Pastel Goth Sets

Feeling inspired? Create an outfit
Find pastel goth trends and “how to wear” inspiration on Polyvore! Pastel goth mixes edgy and sweet fashion elements into one cool look. Think black babydoll dress and creeper shoes balanced with cotton candy pink hair and doll eyes. Also called soft goth or nu goth, this distinct fashion requires head-to-toe detail to be cohesive. To pull off the creepy yet cute style, consider hair and makeup, a pastel goth outfit and a fitting attitude. You can approach the style in two ways: play up dark makeup for a mostly light-colored ensemble or add pastel accents to a mostly black outfit.

The most popular pastel colors featured in the trend are purple, pink and baby blue, with shades of purple being the favorite hair color. Ombre hair is gorgeous in violet, lilac and silvery blonde and perfectly captures the ethereal quality of soft goth. Rocker shag hairstyles and romantic waves work equally well. For makeup, opt for dark lips and pastel eye shadows. Use lots of dark eyeliner and mascara to get the doe-eyed effect. If your style is more sweet than hard edge, light-colored lips still work as long as your clothes exude a dark vibe.

When it comes to the outfit, let your creativity show through. Clothes in grey, black or white are the go-to base. There are many ways to wear pastel goth, from loose sweatshirt dresses with thigh-high stockings to skater dresses with peter pan collars and mary jane pumps to tanks with skeleton leggings and combat boots. The last piece of your soft goth style is the attitude: tough with a soft side. Check out the Polyvore community's ideas for how to wear pastel goth and shop the looks!