Work Wear Outfit Sets

Feeling inspired? Create an outfit
Get ideas for how to wear work outfits on Polyvore! Whether your job requires buttoned-up suiting or has a relaxed dress code, our worldwide Polyvore community provides dressing ideas that will take you from desk to happy hour.

Let’s talk basics--foundational pieces that are primed for mixing and matching! Stock your wardrobe with a sheath dress, white button-down shirt, black pants, pencil skirt and blazer. From there you can add trendy pieces like sequined sweaters and trousers with cute prints to mix things up. If you’re working with a vague “business casual” dress code, it’s better to lean on the dressier side than not. Think wrap dresses, tights and flats. Casual Friday looks can include well-fitting jeans in a dark rinse worn with a simple--or funkier than usual--top. Invest in a few key accessories like a great scarf or statement necklace, and don’t forget to grab a workhorse of a handbag to carry everything you need.

Check out these sets for work outfits, including ones that can go from day to night.